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Ripe is a product and service design solution which connects students to farmers & the importance of eating seasonally, locally and cheaper.

Ripe beliefs that to make a change

we need to be the change and that change is available.

This is the opportunity for students to be connected with food in an exciting and easy approach (& do not worry because pizza is still on the menu just homemade, cheaper & so much tastier!)

Did you know that on average 44 % of students

struggle with isolation, 36% of students struggle with finances & 37% of students struggle with living independently. 

​​We encourage students to begin living a more sustainable living from their first day of university. By providing Ripe as a pop-up shop promoting our online and offline service, which will be around universities during 'freshers' week. 

You will be connected to your local farmers or green groceries where you will be able to buy seasonal vegetables. If this is not possible we provide knowledge on vegetables which are in season that particular month. 

You will also be able to connect with other students via the blog and stay up to date with events through Ripe. One being Sobremessa meals where we encourage you to take part in a dinner with friends, no phones just enjoying the time spent to sit down, relax and talk about anything and everything! 

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